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I really like that Ralph. We need to disallow private financing of campaigns, limit the time by which a candidate can marketing campaign, and eradicate all tv advertisements.

Really, it was only by actions made by our UFT chapter that we had been capable of strongly suggest that this educationally damaging follow be stopped. This is another instance of why having strong chapters where lecturers really feel protected sufficient to discuss egregious practices is so vital. Although I assure that come crunch time next May and June, we are going to see this happening again.

In the United States, the emergence of the Tea Get together movement is representative of — in large part — a growing dissatisfaction with the federal government and the financial system. Naturally, like every group, it has its radical and fringe components, which have a tendency to draw the vast majority of media attention in an effort to form public opinion, but the core and the driving force of the motion is the notion of in style dissatisfaction with authorities. Whatever one thinks of the legitimacy of such protestations, persons are not happy, and persons are taking to the streets. And so it begins.

I do know, I do know. The election’s a 12 months away and Murphy has to solidify NJEA’s help. But as a lifelong Democrat I desire a candidate who no less than dabbles in fiscal actuality, acknowledges the shortcomings of the state’s pension and college funding system, and understands the significance of standards and accountability. Maybe I am the one who’s inhaling an excessive amount of fairy dust.

There is nothing I can do to change her mind about me. She does not care that my college students are doing nicely. She would not care that I have glorious rapport with the dad and mom. Ever since she was promoted from assistant principal to principal, she has been making an attempt to eliminate me. I have sought assist from the UFT and the EEOC, and neither group may help.

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