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Today, Particular Commissioner of Investigation Richard J. Condon launched a report detailing an investigation which found that Wei Liu, a Confidential Investigator assigned to the Department of Education (DOE) Office of Special Investigations (OSI), made inaccurate statements and drew inaccurate conclusions in an OSI report substantiating misconduct on the part of Occupational Therapist Debra Fisher, assigned to PS 333 in Manhattan. The statements and conclusions had been at least partially answerable for Liu’s substantiated findings in the OSI case, which resulted in the DOE taking disciplinary action against Fisher. The SCI investigation additionally substantiated, extra typically, that OSI investigators and their investigations do not receive sufficient supervision.

Nobody is aware of how old Mandrake’s father Theron is. He’s stored alive atop the Himalayas on the Collegium Magikos by the facility of the thoughts crystals. Mandrake can communicated with his father by way of telepathy at key moments. Theron is each the headmaster of the Collegium and the guardian of the Mind Crystals. He has different children that Mandrake comes to learn about in later tales. Mandrake has a twin referred to as Derek who has related powers to him however uses them for nefarious functions and a younger half-sister referred to as Lenore.

I can be sincere I learn comics in the Sunday funny pages growing up every week, however by no means actually heard of Mandrake the Magician before, but cherished reading your detailed article concerning the comedian and creator too, Lee Falk. You completely did this tribute justice and could see that this truly did have a great influence on and your writing. Thanks for sharing this with us and have additionally shared, voted and tweeted too!!

Contemplating the average retiree couple uses 3X the medicare dollars that they paid in by the point they expire(387k/122k)its easy to see the place this finally ends up. That combined with the truth that todays 40M plus seniors will attain 90+M by 2060 it quickly turns into untenable. SS fixes shall be relatively simple as in comparison with needed Medicare reforms.

The US government has begun a partial shutdown for the first time in 17 years after Congress failed to interrupt a partisan deadlock by a midnight deadline. Some 800,000 federal workers are to be furloughed, and greater than a million others shall be asked to work with out pay. The shutdown was spearheaded by tea social gathering Republicans who backed a Home bill tying continued authorities funding to a one-12 months delay of the Affordable Care Act and the repeal of a tax to pay for it.

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