The DOE’s Scarlet Letter (2)

I have given many shows to father or mother groups and CECs, stating how DOE has been violating the accountability and public enter requirements in the Contracts for Excellence law, by refusing to carry borough hearings and only presenting sketchy power points to Neighborhood Education Councils long after the $600 million in annual C4E funds have already been spent.

At the meeting, we came to consensus that, given the success of media in spreading the message of our movement, a video (or videos) would be a powerful device for motion at the upcoming December 14th PEP. We are proposing to use a conveyable small video projector, to show a video on the partitions of the meeting room on the PEP. The video is not going to have sound.

As austerity hits the West, the center class will vanish in obscurity, as they are going to be absorbed into the lower, labour-oriented working class. The youth of the western middle class, comprising the vast majority of the educated youth, will be uncovered to a ‘poverty of expectations’ during which they grew up in a world by which they had been promised every little thing, and from whom the whole lot was so rapidly taken. The inevitability of protests, riots and possible insurrection is as certain as the sun rises.

Work was not precisely pressured, and I had the chance to go to plenty of different companies in the kingdom doing each consultancy and various training programs. This allowed me to see how individuals labored and behaved in plenty of totally different firms first hand as well as the tales that I used to be advised by others.

I been worked in Mohammed Al Zoaibi Company Dammam Saudi Arabia MAZCO” 10 years however I’ve bitter experience because everyone is boss in Mazco Dammam office specially a Sudani and a Kerala man which ware working as clerk and accountant some time Mazco isn’t paying three months of their employee’s salaries but the workplace employees are having fun with.

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