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I’ve been very absent right here at the FlapJack weblog (I am sorry!) because I dipped into one other online endeavor called the Smartphone Marketing School It’s basically the place I present online enterprise house owners how to market their merchandise visually (photographs, graphics, & movies) with just their iPhones.

Every individual can have a distinct studying technique (visible retention, thinking in words and phrases relatively than pictures, needing repetition, etc) and completely different strengths in any particular area. One of the crucial rewarding processes for a professor can be assessing and then encouraging completely different students in numerous ways to attain typically radically totally different goals, all in the identical classroom. I don’t see how I could do this online.

College students who choose resident living on campus can stay up for a house away from dwelling full with the touch of household ambiance, new friends, trendy dwelling, and personal attention from Supervisors, Resident Assistants, and Dorm Masters. College students will find help obtainable 24 hours a day, as the MYC team offers Care and Concern, personality improvement, spiritual development and education.

The members of our co-op meet once a week. For the bodily science program, we normally started each new chapter on the day of our co-op. We might read the text on a laptop pc collectively, talk about the answers to the questions collectively, after which do the experiments and other activities collectively. If we had time, we did more than one lesson that day, which meant less homework for the rest of the week. On the remaining four days of the week, college students were responsible for reading the text and doing the remainder of the experiments and activities (or constructing of models) at house.

We use reading mats. They are taught to stack their books on the green facet and then move them over to the crimson facet when they’re finished. When the books are on the pink aspect, they’ve a menu at the backside that asks them to pick a goal for rereading. This menu strip shouldn’t be laminated as a result of it changes because the items change. You may see examples beneath!

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