15 Mathtastic Board Games To Make Learning Fun

Let’s face it, there are always going to be some students who complain that math is boring. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to put aside the worksheets and make it more exciting. Math board games are a fun way for kids to practice their math skills. They may not even realize they’re learning since they’ll be having such a good time playing. There are options for toddlers up to teens, and some games can even be customized to the players’ ages and ability levels. Whether your students are swatting flies, traveling through space, or making their way through a swamp, they will be practicing math concepts along the way with these great math board games!

1. Math Swatters!

A board game box is shown with a cartoon frog on it sticking it's tongue out. There are several flies, several fly swatters, and a spinner with numbers also shown (math board games)

We love how versatile this game is since there are a number of different ways to play including head-to-head or solo. Little friends will love getting their hands on one of the four bright-colored “swatters” and whacking the flies.

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2. Sums in Space

Cartoon astronauts are shown on a board game cover and it says "sums in space" (math board games)

Since a lot of kids love outer space, we think this game will hold their attention. The Even Stevens Twins and Captain Odd Duck help early elementary–age students work on basic addition and subtraction skills while also teaching greater-than/less-than, as well as even and odd numbers.

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3. Clumsy Thief

A box has a worried looking cartoon thief on it and the text reads "Clumsy Thief" (math board games)

In this multi-award-winning game, students race to see how quickly they can find two money cards that equal $100 while also stealing from their friends. This game is probably best suited for first through third grades since students will need to have a good handle on basic addition before playing.

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4. Proof!

A dark blue box has a cartoon wizard on it and it says PROOF! in big pink letters. (math board games)

We love how versatile this game is since the rules can be adjusted based on age, skill level, and number of players. We also love that it can be played by older kids since it can include multiplication, division, and even square roots.

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5. The Genius Square

A black board has different colored square blocks on it (math board games)

Perhaps more of a puzzle than a math game, though we think the same skill set is definitely required. Players roll the dice, place blockers in those corresponding coordinates, then race to complete the rest of the puzzle.

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6. Adsumudi

A brighly colored box says Adsumudi in rainbow leters. There are math symbols and cartoon mosters.

This game is best suited for students ages 8 to 12 and includes star rankings on each card to indicate difficulty level. Since working in math workbooks can get stale fast, this game provides a fun alternative that allows kids to learn while having lots of fun too.

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7. Fraction War

A box says "fraction war" and the background is camoflauge. There are game cards also shown with fractons on them (math board games)

The best math board games have straightforward instructions that make them easy to learn and fast to play. Just split the deck, play your cards, and the larger fraction collects.

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8. Jump 1

Several game cards with equations, numbers, and funny cartoon frogs are shown (math board games)

With two levels of difficulty, this game will be perfect for preschoolers while also keeping elementary-age students entertained. Math board games that have eye-popping colors and fun illustrations like this one will be sure to keep kids’ attention.

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9. Tiny Polka Dot

A white box has brightly colored polka dots on it and says Tiny Polka Dot. There are several cards shown in different bright colors with different numbers and number of polka dots on them (math board games)

Deal all the cards face up, then take turns matching pairs from different suits with the same numbers. This game is especially versatile since there are a whopping 16 different games included in one small box!

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10. Smath

A white box says SMATH across the top. It shows math equations laid out crossword style (math board games)

Think Scrabble but with numbers instead of letters! Players take turns making crossword-style equations and then adding up their totals based on their tiles played.

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11. Little Bud Kids Counting Pegs

Several wooden boxes have different numbers of spots in them for pegs and corresponding wooden numbers. (math board games)

Made of nontoxic, solid wood, this Montessori-style game will stand the test of time. Toddlers will love using the pegs to work on counting and number recognition while slightly older kids can use the boards for beginning math.

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12. Sum Swamp

a box says Sum Swamp and the board game is laid out in front of it. It is made to look like water with boulders in a path (math board games)

Players must race through the swamp while completing math challenges and meeting swamp creatures along the way. We think kids will love this game, but don’t just take our word for it: There are over 5,000 five-star reviews on Amazon!

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13. Prime Climb

A black board game is shown spread out with a swirling path of colorful dots.

This game has won numerous awards and has been included on several best-of lists. We love that the game will prove challenging even for teens since strategies can range from simple to complex.

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14. Exact Change Card Game

A game box says exact change and has a cartoon coin standing in front of stacks of money. (math board games)

This game is perfect for upper elementary or even middle school since younger students may struggle with the concept of making exact change. We love that it teaches a real-life skill while also enforcing basic math concepts.

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15. Target

A box says Target in large letters and also Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide to Hit Your Target. (math board games)

Unlike some math games, this one can be customized based on the skill level of the players, making it perfect for any age. You will definitely see your students’ math scores improve after playing this game!

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