20 Unique 100th Day of School Shirt Ideas

Reaching the 100th day of school is certainly a milestone that should be celebrated! Although dressing as a 100-year-old is a popular way to celebrate, so is designing or donning a shirt for this special occasion. Regardless of whether you’re a crafty do-it-yourself type or an add-to-cart type, we have you covered. While DIY options can be intricate enough to break out the old Cricut, some can be as simple as sticking stickers on an old T-shirt. The store-bought options are great too since they come in a huge range of styles and sizes. Check out our list below of the best 100th day of school shirt ideas!

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The Best DIY Shirts

1. 100 Hearts for 100 Days

A teal t-shirt has red and pink heart stickers all over it. It says Loved 100 Days of Kindergarten in marker. (100th day of school shirt ideas)

This shirt is so simple to create. Just grab some foam heart stickers, a permanent marker, and your favorite color tee. Once your stickers are in place, just swap out kindergarten for any grade or keep it simple and just say “loved 100 days of school”!

Source: Nanny to Mommy

2. Pushing Your Teacher’s Buttons

A little boy is wearing a white t-shirt that says Pushing His Teacher's Buttons for 100 Days (100th day of school shirt ideas)

Grab a package of bright-colored buttons or just grab some from a button jar at home. Then get to work gluing them all over a simple white tee. Also, the design for the text on this funny shirt is available in the printable library in the “school days printables” section on the Just Add Confetti site.

Source: Just Add Confetti

3. 100 Days Flew By

Kids will definitely get a kick out of helping you select and count 100 pom-poms for this adorable 100th day of school shirt.

4. Fly Away With This Cute Idea

A teal shirt has brightly colored feathers glued to it and stickers that read 100 Days Flew By (100th day of school shirt ideas)

100th day of school shirt ideas should be equally clever and affordable like this one! All you will need to re-create this shirt are some foam stickers, feathers, and, of course, your trusty glue gun.

Source: Glued to My Crafts Blog

5. Rock Out to Celebrate 100 Days

A little boy is shown wearing a t-shirt with guitar picks all over it. It says I Rocked the First 100 Days! (100th day of school shirt ideas)

If the little one in your life is a music lover, this is the shirt for them. Glue a bunch of fun guitar picks to a tee, then get as fancy or as simple as you want with the lettering.

Source: Viva Veltoro

6. A Shirt Fit for a Superhero

A little girl with her hands on her hips is wearing a white t shirt that says 100 super days and there are many different superhero masks on it.

This shirt is for the craftiest amongst us since you will need a Cricut and some vinyl to create the superhero logos. We definitely think the end result is worth the effort!

Source: Suburban Wife City Life

7. Looking Back on 100 Days

A little boy wears a green shirt that has googly eyes all over it (100th day of school shirt ideas)

Just draw a monster outline with puffy paint, then count out 100 googly eyes of your choosing (they come in fun sizes and colors) to glue onto the shirt.

Source: Creating Mary’s Home

8. Build Your Own LEGO Shirt

A white t-shirt has a big 100 in red on it. Inside the zeros are legos that have been glued down.

Generally, we think 100th day of school shirt ideas should include things kids love, like LEGO bricks! Grab some spare bricks and your glue gun, then get to work re-creating this quirky shirt!

Source: Always Expect Moore

9. A Sweet Shirt for a Big Day

A white t-shirt has a bubble gum machine on it. There are 100 painted on dots for the bubble gum and some felt has been used to make the dispenser part of the machine (100th day of school shirt ideas)

Use a paper plate to trace the circle, then let your little one use finger paint to create the 100 gumballs. Finally, cut and glue some felt on to create the base of the machine.

Source: DIY Inspired

10. Buggin’ Out for 100 Days

A little boy is wearing a black sweatshirt that has fake plastic bugs glued all over it. It says Bugging Mrs. P. for 100 days.

If you have a budding entomologist in your life, this shirt is sure to make them smile. Bring them to your local dollar store and let them pick out some plastic bugs to adhere to an old shirt. We think the punny play on words will also bring a smile to your favorite teacher’s face!

Source: Where the Smiles Have Been

The Best Store-Bought Shirts

11. Unlock 100 Days of School

A black t-shirt says Level 100 Days of School Unlocked. (100th day of school shirt ideas)

Let’s face it, kids love video games so why not delight them with this convenient option from Amazon?

Buy it: Video Game Shirt at Amazon

12. Sprinkle a Little Fun on Your 100th Day Celebration

A little girl wears a shirt with pink sleeves that has a cupcake on it and says 100 Days Sprinkled with Fun.

This undeniably sweet shirt celebrates 100 days with a tasty treat. We also love that it comes in sizes ranging from toddler to adult double XL.

Buy it: Sprinkle Shirt at Etsy

13. Get Your Cray On!

A black shirt says "Get Your Cray On. It's the 100th Day of School. There is a cartoon crayon man on it.

This play on the word crayon was too cute to leave off this list of the best 100th day of school shirt ideas. We especially love that it comes in a variety of styles including tank tops, T-shirts, and sweatshirts.

Buy it: Crayon Shirt at Etsy

14. Pop Your Way Through 100 Days

A black shirt has a pop it fidget toy in rainbow colors. It says Poppin My Way Through 100 Days of School also in rainbow. (100th day of school shirt ideas)

Bubble-popper fidget toys are all the rage right now so why not include them on your 100th day shirts? We also love the eye-catching rainbow colors on this shirt.

Buy it: Poppin Shirt at Amazon

15. Bringing Sass to the Class

A simple gray shirt has white lettering that says I've been bringing sass to the class for 100 days.

Who can resist an adorable rhyme like this one? Simple and to the point, this shirt works equally well for school staff and students.

Buy it: Sass Shirt at Etsy

16. A Dino-rrific T-Shirt

A black shirt has a t-rex on it wearing sunglasses. Text reads 100 days of school. There are crayons in groups of 5 in the background that equal 100.

Teach your students to count by fives while delighting them with this cool T-rex shirt! There is an option for every taste since it comes in more than 10 different color combinations. Best of all? It’s under $15!

Buy it: Dinosaur Shirt at Amazon

17. A Heart for Every Day of School

A purple shirt says 100 Days of School And Still Loving It. There are 100 hearts on it in all different colors.

While some 100th day of school shirt ideas focus on punny or quippy messages, we love the sweet sentiment of this shirt. This very-well-rated shirt is affordable and also comes in a variety of styles.

Buy it: Heart Shirt at Amazon

18. Hanging With Your Gnomies

A pale pink shirt has three cartoon gnomes on it and says 100 days with my gnomies.

The funny play on the word homies coupled with the adorable gnomes on this shirt make for a sweet option for the 100th day of school. Also, the price is right and the sizes go all the way from newborn to 4XL.

Buy it: Gnome Shirt at Etsy

19. Mission 100 Days Complete

A white shirt says Mission 100 Days Complete with the name Corbin on it (100th day of school shirt ideas)

Any list of 100th day of school shirt ideas should include some that can be personalized. Your student will be excited to wear their very own Army-themed shirt with their name emblazoned on it!

Buy it: Mission Shirt at Etsy

20. A Shirt for Sports Lovers

A gray shirt has 100 on the top and the two zeros are baseballs. There is a baseball bat underneath. It reads 100 days of school.

Need a shirt for the 100th day of school but don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on it? Grab this one from Amazon for the sports lover in your life!

Buy it: Baseball Shirt at Amazon

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