TikTok Teacher Shares How She Keeps Track of Every Student

With all the challenges teachers are currently facing, it’s often too easy to lose sight of the good parts of the job—like the incalculable reach most of us end up having on the next generation. Maybe that’s why we got a little teary when we saw TikTok teacher Stephanie Cowman go viral for her creative way of tracking her students over the years.


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The idea is simple. Cowman simply adds a colored bead for every student in her class for every year she’s taught to a glass vase.

The end result? A powerful (and beautiful) representation of the impact she’s made. While Cowman isn’t the first teacher to keep track of her students this way, several commenters noted that “you’re the first

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Best Winter Picture Books for the Classroom

The winter solstice takes place each year on December 21st, in the midst of the winter holiday season. Whether your winters involve cold rain and snow or sunshine and palm trees, your students will love our favorite winter-themed picture books. Help your students relate to the changes in the world around them with these charming fiction and informative non-fiction selections. Stay warm and cozy out there!

Just a heads up, WeAreTeachers may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. We only recommend items our team loves!

1. Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter by Kenard Pak (PreK-1)

A brother and sister take a late-autumn walk and notice subtle signs of winter’s upcoming arrival. Read it, and then bundle up for your own “hello winter” walk outside.

Buy it: Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter on Amazon

2. Little Penguins by Cynthia Rylant (PreK–1)

This simple story perfectly captures a typical

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Free Printable 2022 Teacher Calendar

Hooray! Our FREE 2023 teacher calendar is ready to save and print. We had a lot of fun packing it with funny jokes, learning opportunities, writing prompts, and more. This calendar makes a great gift—just submit your email here to save and print!

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find inside our 2023 free teacher calendar:

New Year’s Goals, Black History Facts, and Learning About Women’s History

Kick off the first part of 2023 by setting New Year’s goals in your classroom. In February, we’re recommending a picture book biography for every day of Black History Month. March brings fun facts for Women’s History Month.

Poetry Month Prompts, Asian-American Heroes, and a Summer Reading Challenge

Celebrate poetry month in April with a writing prompt for every day. Learn about Asian-American and Pacific Islander heroes for May. And take our summer reading challenge in June!

Summer Relaxation Bucket List, Back-to-School

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Dollars & Decisions Interactive Course: Get the Teacher Guide

Have you heard about Dollars & Decisions? It’s a free “Choose Your Own Adventure”–style interactive course designed to introduce basic financial literacy to students in grades 8-12. Before you have your students play it, you’re going to want to check out our Dollars & Decisions Teacher Guide. We’ll show you how to set your class up for success and get the most out of this awesome course. 

What’s the interactive course all about?

Dollars and Decisions Game

The idea behind Dollars & Decisions is to educate students about basic personal finance in critical areas (bank accounts, saving for immediate needs and for the future, and how to manage credit) to give them the knowledge and confidence to manage their money.

The course is set up to reflect a young adult’s life. Players share an apartment with two roommates, choose a job, and have to budget for rent, utilities, and other expenses, based

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Reddit Teachers Share Their Annoying Grade Conversations

The last week before a break feels refreshingly festive, even at the secondary level. Despite the drudgery of exams, there’s still a buzzing excitement in the air as the last day approaches. Trips, parties, naps, treats—they’re all within reach.

And then … you get brought back down to earth with the parade of students begging for a grade change at the last minute.

Now, I think I speak for most teachers when I say we’re willing to forgive a lot. The past couple of years have been really tough on all of us. We understand if you had a few rough weeks back in October (who among us didn’t?). We empathize with the feeling of overwhelm when you realize work is piling up. Teachers don’t expect perfection: We just expect you to try.

Which is why it can feel like our generosity gets taken advantage of with requests

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