Greatest Army Quotes Ever! My Favorites!

Every little thing occurs for a reason, however sometimes the reason being that you’re silly and also you make dangerous selections.

Dr. Kalam had received honorary doctorates from 30 universities and institutions, and he is the recipient of many awards together with India’s highest award Bharath Ratna. Wilde acquired an impression they were actually not looking for effectively written poems. They wished spectacular creator. Somebody who would draw attention by his name and appearance. They wished celeb and he was not famous sufficient. We already knew that kids discovered pc expertise more easily than adults. It’s as if children have been waiting all these centuries for somebody to invent their native language.

Know-how is dominated by two types of people: those that perceive what they don’t manage, and those who handle what they don’t perceive. The father, the mom and the trainer are the three primarily chargeable for moulding the … Read more

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Reasons Every Teacher Needs A Personal Learning Network

personal learning

by TeachThought Staff

What’s a professional learning network?

According to Marc-André Lalande, “a Personal Learning Network is a way of describing the group of people that you connect with to learn their ideas, their questions, their reflections, and their references.”

Of course, your PLN is not limited to online interactions, but their always-on availability makes them powerful. Further, the diversity of voices available in a truly global professional learning network makes it possible–and at times necessary–to consider divergent perspectives and thus, over time, become empathetic, connected, and prone to personal and professional growth.

As for this graphic? You can thank Sylvia Duckworth, who always does a great job sharing simple sketch notes to help teachers. (She also took our 12 Rules of Great Teaching and created a predictably wonderful graphic to supplement the text, among others.) We’ve taken the graphic and provided starting points for each ‘reason’ a

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How To Make Good Teaching More Sustainable

by Terry Heick

Simple premise, as titled: what sorts of ‘things’ make teaching unsustainable, and what sort of advice can help teachers reflect on these ideas to mitigate any damage and make the profession more enjoyable, and thus sustainable.

10. Grow a healthy and useful professional learning network.

Human connections sustain humans. See 10 Reasons Every Teacher Needs A Professional Learning Network.

9. The school year is a marathon, not a sprint.

And this should have significant implications for instructional design–spiraling, for example. Some ideas students can ‘get’ right away, while others will take all year. Continuously spiral those sufficiently complex ideas so students have a chance to master them.

8. You don’t need a million tools and strategies to teach well.

You don’t need a million tools and strategies to teach well, so use a handful that are flexible and powerful.

The 40/40/40 rule is a wonderful on-the-fly

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Home sperm test: description and how it works

The home sperm test kit is a quick self-evaluation device for male fertility allowing the detection of the quantity of spermatozoa in a man’s semen. With the spermcheck fertility home test, you can test your chances of having children at home in a few minutes. This test can help to determine whether non-conception during sexual intercourse at the time of ovulation may be due to a lower than average sperm count: because a low sperm concentration may indicate a lower probability of pregnancy. In this case, it is advisable to consult a health care professional to discuss the next steps. Furthermore, a positive result only indicates the quantity of sperm, not their quality.

When to do a male fertility test?

If a couple has been trying unsuccessfully for a long time to have a child, fertility tests are recommended for both partners. A man may, however, decide to have … Read more

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What Are Literature Circles? –

What Are Literature Circles

What Is A Literature Circle?

by Terry Heick

Literature Circles are a way for students to assume a specific role in the study of something (usually a text).

Though almost always associated with the content area of ‘Literature’ or ‘Language Arts’ in North America, the concept of studying a topic in groups by assigning functional roles for each group member can be applied in the study of almost anything (something I will cover in an upcoming post on how to teach with Literature Circles).

For now, let’s review the key components of this versatile teaching, learning, and literacy strategy.

See also Reading Response Questions That Work With Almost Any Text

The Characteristics Of Literature Circles

Literature circles… Literature circles are not…
Promote and reward inquiry Necessarily assessment-driven (but can support this approach)
Can work at any grade level and in any content area Book studies–they don’t necessitate novels (individual reading
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