Home sperm test: description and how it works

The home sperm test kit is a quick self-evaluation device for male fertility allowing the detection of the quantity of spermatozoa in a man’s semen. With the spermcheck fertility home test, you can test your chances of having children at home in a few minutes. This test can help to determine whether non-conception during sexual intercourse at the time of ovulation may be due to a lower than average sperm count: because a low sperm concentration may indicate a lower probability of pregnancy. In this case, it is advisable to consult a health care professional to discuss the next steps. Furthermore, a positive result only indicates the quantity of sperm, not their quality.

When to do a male fertility test?

If a couple has been trying unsuccessfully for a long time to have a child, fertility tests are recommended for both partners. A man may, however, decide to have … Read more

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