Some Useful Strategies To Clear The Civil Service Examination

Part-1 Preface to the Strategy of UPSC Civil Services Examination ...

A significant number of aspirants try their luck to crack the UPSC examination each year. But among the lacs of students, only a few hundred are selected for the prestigious posts. In such situations, the coaching centres play a crucial role in guiding the candidates towards achieving their ambition. If you have decided to appear for this examination, then joining any of the top 10 IAS academy in Chennai will be an ideal decision. 

Are coaching institutes important?

Getting in contact with an IAS coaching centre is certainly not necessary. It is because there have been candidates who have cleared the exam without any support from coaching centres. The relevant studies state a majority of the selected students hail from the rural background. In spite of the apparent limitations, how are they able to crack the CSE? The obvious reason behind it is hard work. 

Notable benefits

It is fair to say that clearing the civil service examination in the first attempt is a tough nut to crack. Some people say it is impossible to get selected in the first try. But, that is not at all true. Many IAS and IPS officers have achieved significant ranks in the first go. Besides everything said and done, you cannot ignore the benefits offered by coaching institutes. To know more about theTop 10 IAS coaching centres in Chennai, you can browse online. 


Candidates who are writing the exam for the first time are often confused about what to study and where to start. Also, having a scheduled timetable is essential to complete the entire syllabus before the Prelims. If you get in contact with a reputed civil service coaching academy, the teachers can clarify your doubts and help in completing the curriculum before time. To become successful in your chosen path, you need to stay focused and determined. Coaching institutes can only guide you in your journey; they cannot ensure you the highest rank. Hence, your success lies in your hand.

Factors to consider

There are some useful mantras that you need to consider when you are preparing for the exam. Do not forget that you are putting your career at stake if you have decided to write the UPSC examination. Some candidates clear the CSE in their third or fourth attempt, and a few take five to seven years to achieve their desired post. But, some officers have made it in their first attempt.

Avoid fallacies

You may have heard people say that to become an IAS officer; you need to study sixteen hours a day. Do not believe in such misconceptions. Many working professionals crack this examination by studying only four to five hours a day. The number of study hours does not determine your success. However, having a definite schedule is essential, or else completing the vast syllabus will be difficult. So, relax and stay determined by your goals.


The Civil Service Examination is held in June every year.  The exam is conducted in three different stages. The Mains and Personal Interview follow the preliminary stage. The Prelims consist of multiple-choice questions, and the mains exam is to test your in-depth knowledge on various topics of different subjects. These pieces of information are shared with you because you should be aware of what the exam wants from you. Knowing the demands of the CSE will help you in preparing yourself and achieve the desired results.

Preparation at an early stage

If you want to become an IAS officer, you need to start preparing soon after your higher secondary examination. Hence, paying attention during graduation is essential. You need to build a strong academic foundation to prepare for UPSC. Having a clear perspective about various topics will help in broadening your mental horizon and will be helpful when you prepare for the examination.

Self-motivation is the key to success. You need to believe in your potential if you want to achieve success in any field. If you fail in the first attempt, do not lose hope in yourself. Try to learn from your mistakes and analyze the areas that went wrong in the previous attempt. Make sure that you do not repeat the mistakes and success will surely kiss your feet.