Tips To Raise Your PTE Essay Score

If you are preparing for the IELTS and you want to score better in your exam, you are in the right place. Follow the complete article for the tips to score better. Essay writing is not the piece of cake even for the native candidates. The most important thing to understand when PTE exam preparation begins, about “write an essay” task is that it needs to be done according to a PTE-specific format. Adopting this format will showcase your ability to organize written ideas in a clear, logical and grammatical way. Some impressive vocabulary words will also help your case.

Have a look at the PTE preparation tips to improve your Essay score. Also, join PTE course Dubai parallel to following these tips. It will surely help you increase your PTE test Score.

Utilize Your Time to Plan The Points

If you think that you will get a topic and you will start writing and the words will be poured down on the paper from your mind, you are wrong. Planning is the most important thing before writing an essay. When you get a topic for your essay, take one to two minutes to plan what you have to write down.

People may tell you that they don’t write down an essay plan because they’re afraid of wasting valuable time but it really doesn’t take long to jot down a few quick ideas on your erasable note board booklet, especially if you have a method. You may break the planning method into easy steps that take less than two minutes. Also, avail the online courses for the PTE Exam preparation.

Keep It Simple

The long, convoluted sentences with lots of punctuation can prove to have a negative impact on your examiner. To keep the thing simple with less use of the punctuations will allow you to do fewer mistakes either grammatical, spelling or vocabulary. Your tutors at the PTE exam preparation will also guide you about this fact. When you are writing an essay, your examiner just looking at the essay with a logical sentence so you don’t have to decorate your essay with long sentences with a lot of mistakes. Prepare yourself to be impressive in your PTE exam.

Use the Correct Format

When many of the PTE students hear the word “essay”, they automatically understand it to mean a text with 4 to 5 paragraphs that includes an introduction, arguments, and a conclusion. But the matter of worry is they panic because they realize how unrealistic it is to write all of that content in just 20 minutes with a 300-word limit!

The standard 5-paragraph template that everyone knows is actually not the correct template for the PTE essay part. To join the PTE course Dubai is one of the ways to know the right format for the PTE essay writing. If you write the essay utilizing your time this way, it will not be completed on time. The paragraphs need only be a few sentences long to clearly get your point across.

Work On Your Academic Vocabulary

Well, you can read to improve your vocabulary. What you can do is, read newspaper articles, read novels, read autobiographies, read whatever you can get your hands on. Reading not only increases your vocabulary, but it also enhances your understanding of context. If you do your PTE exam preparation, the way you have guided you, certainly, you will bang on. Best of luck!