Home Schooling Myths Nobody Should Believe

Home schooling is quickly gaining a lot of popularity at the moment. This is because of all the advantages associated with it. The problem is that people still do not know a lot about home schooling. There are so many different myths that appeared and that people see as being correct when this is not actually the case. Let us talk about the myths that are the most common at the moment so you can easily get more accurate information and make a good choice in the future.

Myth – Home Schooling Stops Children From Going To College

What is interesting is that half of the traditional students will not really be ready for academics. When looking at children that are home schooled, stats show that they are much more prepared to go to college and actually stay there. That is because education will be tailored to personal student needs. The skills and knowledge that are gained will be perfect to succeed after high school is over.

Myth – All Home Schooling Programs Are Exactly The Same

We do see so many home school academies that are rigid in scheduling and curriculum. However, this does not mean that tailoring based on personal learning style, academic needs and personal wishes is not possible. The flexibility is so high in many cases that students can choose whatever they want. For instance, if they want to learn how to create a blog, courses will be added for this very purpose.

Myth – Home Schooling Is Only Done By A Few Children

If you look at the official statistics you will see that close to 2.5 million children in the US alone are now home schooled. This is so much more than what many think. The reason behind this is that the parents think they are going to offer better education when compared to traditional classes. In just 15 years the US ended up going down in terms of academics from number one to 24. That is mainly because of large class sizes, tests that are standardized and similar problems.

Myth – Home Schooled Children Will Not Socialize Well With Other Children

Because schooling is done at home there is this belief that socializing will become a huge problem in the future. This is not the case because home schooling evolved to the level at which it can easily involve interactions with family members, friends, community individuals, neighbours, parents and more. A home schooled child can always attend cop-ops, live classes, college courses and sports events in order to interact with other children.

Myth – Children Stay At Home The Whole Day In Front Of Computers

The truth is that home schooled children are going to be engaged, involved and active. They do not just stay in front of their computers. In fact, the interaction level is quite high. Children can end up in this unwanted situation but it is impossible when proper attention is paid to how education goes. You want to always learn the truth as opposed to thinking such myths are correct.