Planning Management School

Plotting basically determines the activity to be carried out in the future. These activities are intended to regulate a variety of resources to results achieved as expected.

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Planning is the process of determining the goals or objectives to be achieved and define the street and resources needed to achieve that goal as efficiently as possible (Roger A. Kauffman, 1972). In every plan there are always three activities that can not be separated, namely, the formulation of objectives, the selection of programs to achieve that goal, as well as the identification and deployment of the source is limited.

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Planning is the act to define first what to do, how to do, what to do and who that working. Plan often also a bridge that connects the gap, or the gap between the present situation and circumstances that are expected to occur in the future. Although the exact future state that is difficult is expected, because many factors outside human influence on the procurement plan. But without a plan we will submit the state in the future that the coincidences.

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For that planning requires data and information so that decisions are not off to do with the problems encountered in the future. Good planning should consider the properties condition will come, where decisions and effective action is taken.

Thus the purpose of the education planning is the decision to take action for a certain time so that the organization of education systems to become more effective and efficient and produce graduates who are more qualified and relevant to the needs of development.

Educational planning purposes, Many of the goal of educational planning as follows:

Presents the draft decisions of educational planning officials who government regional and national level.

Create a pattern and in a mature program of activities for various fields / work unit in charge of implementing policies that have been formulated.

Presenting facts and data that can be received is oriented to the future.

Convince logically and rationally and to the stake holder education system of education plans that have been made.

Educational planning is needed, because it is useful for:

As the directions of activities to achieve goals.

As an elementary pattern in organizing tasks and authority for any of the elements involved in the activities.

As a working guideline for every element of both elements of the teacher and the student element in educational institutions.

As a means of measuring the effectiveness of a job. So every time an unknown accuracy and delay work.

For materials that occur balance data preparation work.

To save costs, time, effort, and tools.