Tips on Learning Physics, In order Looks Easy

Difficult physics, words almost always raised by the learner, when I teach physics. Maybe it’s destiny for me as a physics teacher. Somewhat middling when semester yesterday teaching geography, this question is almost never ejected.

Or maybe it’s because I’m the one who is not good at teaching. And to the question until now there is no answer that I catapult the most commented a little, but I think not to the core of the problem. The only cliche answer, herein lies the problem, I assume that the circumstances, skills and talents of learners are the same, when difficult and easy it is relative. Physics that can be considered difficult, and can also be considered easy. Too many factors that affect it. Do not believe? Just ask our friends whose test time yesterday can score 100 Though they get perfect score, still there are some of them replied that physics is still difficult. So this is relative.


Because of all the relative that, until now also difficult to determine the level of physics difficulty. Either hard, either. Because I do not want to be lied to say physics is easy, but physics is a difficult lesson! Physics is a difficult lesson. Why should it be said to be easy? But if I say physics is difficult, sometimes I also considered arrogant and at the same time lie, for some questions asked to learners, I sometimes seem easy to answer.

In this paper, there are a few tips (made 8 to fit our school), how difficult the physics is, so ‘looks’ easy. Remember, ‘visible’. Not the original. Because the size is easy here is an easy size for common people. Not easy for individual people. And these tips are only related to the technical nature, while for the psychic is different.

Understand in advance the subject matter or the material to be studied

That is, understand first, what will be learned? What is the point? There is no relevance to our lives? If that has not been answered, ask the teacher first; Because there could be something forgotten delivered. Or it could also seek information from books or other readings. Because, like a war; We do not know what kind of enemy we will face. As more and more we get information about our enemy, we will easily subdue it, and make it our partner to coalesce to confront other enemies.

Connect the material to be studied with its known support material

Sometimes some teachers, often forget to associate new material with old material; But both are closely related. It is as if the material to be learned is irrespective of the already-existing material. So, if there is new material, ask the teacher, about what it relates to the past. This will make it easier for us to draw a common thread between the two.

Do not memorize the formula, but understand where it came from (the concept).

It is understood that the first formula from the initial concept to the final formula. The goal is to understand where the formulas originated, since the underlying concept is the final formula, except that some formulas are already definitions and these formulas are usually very simple. Once we understand the formula, it is very easy to memorize the formula. In fact, based on my experience, we will not even need to memorize the formula again, because it will remembering by itself. Remember, we should not rush to memorize the formula, whatever it is. Indeed, sometimes some teachers do not explain the concept of physics well, but only offered formula. We are indirectly told to memorize the formula. Sometimes again they call the best formula, the king’s formula, this formula is, with a cool name to draw. This is bad! They set us up. Seriously … we will often get stuck when we find a problem that does not match any of the formulas. Though we have memorized many collection formulas.

For example, we learned yesterday’s vector, about vector projections. Is not it not always that Fx = F cos stay? How did we previously recreate the mathematical valley looking for the trigonometry, once introduced to us at the time of junior high school, to understand that the length of the vector projection turned out to be only the application and modification of the angle formulas on right triangles. And it is said that we have learned this time junior high school. Not a new formula!

The memorized and understood formula from which it originated will be easy to keep in mind and be called from our memories when we are forgotten; Different if memorizing the formula blindly, will be refused once we will remember again.

The beauty of physics actually lies in the concept, which has been neglected. By understanding the concept well (and rightly), we can explain things in everyday life related to physics. By understanding the concept well and correctly, difficult formulas will automatically be understood easily.

Learn from the most basic levels of the material being studied.

Usually (especially in high school lessons), physics formulas in books that seem very complicated actually come from simple concepts. For example the concept of force, or about energy, is derived into the required final formula. Learn the concepts first, before going to the final formula. Well, some teachers (sorry not all) often explain or teach material from the easy, usually there is relevance to the material before or later, then to the high level material.

Practice understanding by doing the questions, and start with the easiest questions

Cartoon physics 6When facing the enemy, we need a name of courage. For the coward, then he is said to have lost before fighting. Therefore try the moves (understanding) that has been given by the teacher to try to conquer some problems. Try brave. Starting from the problems that we consider or seem easy. If we are in doubt, ask to choose with the teacher, what should we do first. Victory after victory in conquering some questions makes for a difficult experience to be forgotten. And this will be an added ecstasy.

Develop to more difficult problems to make the knowledge more profound.

Do not always be lulled by victories against weaker opponents. Such victory, though useful to increase motivation; But it does not test us properly. Try to get acquainted with more difficult, or varied issues. Our success conquered the problem with a higher level of difficulty will bring a different enjoyment.

We need to remember, that there are five competencies that we should have to see our understanding in studying physics, which is doing physics in one step; Working on the problem in a few steps; Drawing sketches; Drawing graphs and changing variables.

Often practicing by doing many problems, the more the problem is done the more we understand about the material of physics.

Why do the exercise questions as often as possible? If we often work on the matter of physics, by itself the formula is remembered, and will remembering by itself. We also increasingly understand the concept of physics. Remember the first time you learned to eat, back and forth the food was smeared in our mouths (and thanksgiving our mothers teach with great patience), but because it is repeatedly we are finally adept at eating and will never be left out if invited to eat. When we learn to ride a bicycle? It feels very difficult and scary. We may even fall back and forth, but then? It’s the same with physics. If we often practice questions, our skill is higher.

Say “It’s Difficult, But I Can”

What’s the difference between those two sentences? Clearly Different. In the first sentence there is little optimism and confidence. While the second sentence there is a feeling of pessimism wrapped with doubt; This sentence seems to have created a barrier for us to do; This sentence as if weighing our feet to move. While words are difficult, but God willing, I can motivate us to always do and try. These words make it clear that physics is difficult, but God willing we can.

That’s roughly, a little brainstorming advice. Do you still think physics is easy? Eh, is that hard? If so, what if we help each other to make the physics look easy? As always, when I first climbed the mountain, I saw such a tall, complicated mountain, the nights of his journey. After the climb, it was indeed high, difficult, cold, terrible, but after on top of fun! We learn and it turns out we are able to conquer our self-ego so as not to be discouraged quickly, we can practice help, we can enjoy and treasure the beauty of his creation.