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What Is The Purpose Of Assessment? –

What is the purpose of assessment?

The purpose of assessment depends on a range of factors, of course. Broadly speaking, the purpose can be whatever the teacher wants it to be. Like pacing guides, apps, books, and more, an assessment is a tool a teacher uses to help students learn.

There are other forms (e.g., multiple-choice, performance-based, etc.) and types of assessment–benchmark, criterion-based, and norm-referenced assessments like the ACT and SAT, for example–whose purpose is often beyond the classroom. Many of these forms communicate to the families of students how that student compares to other students. These are usually age-based in K-12, so all third-graders can be compared. The utility of this form of assessment is fairly limited, useful primarily as a general ‘sense’ of how that student’s development compares to ‘what should be expected’–the expectation (or ‘standard’) being the performance of other children.

The trouble with these forms

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Direction Instruction Versus Project-Based Learning –

Direction Instruction Versus Project-Based Learning: Which Is More Effective?

by Drew Perkins, Director of TeachThought PD

One of my favorite things about leading TeachThought PD is that I get to host The TeachThought Podcast.

On our podcast, I get to engage with interesting thinkers, and often their books or other published works, in long-form heterodox conversations meant to help educators better prepare students for the modern world.

I try to find and host guests who are diverse in their thinking, (thus the description, ‘heterodox conversations’) and sometimes that means guests who might disagree with my views. The point isn’t to win an argument or to ‘own’ the other side. The point is to uncover the nuance and complexity of important issues ranging from pedagogy to social concerns and more.

As a staunch advocate of inquiry and PBL, I regularly find myself engaging and pushing back on those who, in

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52 Most Loved Educational Board Games

The best learning takes place while kids are having fun. And what’s more fun than old-fashioned board games? Plus they get bonus points as a screen-free way to keep kids engaged! Whether your learners are in preschool or high school, there’s something for everyone. Some of the educational board games on our list can be played in a group (think Bingo) while others can be played solo. You’ll find classic games, including their junior versions for younger students, as well as plenty of unique games to add to your collection. Check out our recommendations below for the best educational board games for kids of all ages.

Games for Preschoolers

Pancake Pile-Up

A box says Pancake Pile Up. There are toy pancakes piled up on toy plates. Pancake playing cards are also shown.

Pancake Pile-Up teaches early math skills while also working on balance and coordination. Kids will definitely get a kick out of this relay-style game that involves racing to stack pancakes as displayed on the selected card.

Skills: Counting, Sequencing,

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7 Reasons Why Teaching High School English Is the Best

Is your desk hiding under stacks of clipped papers that still need grading?

Up past your bedtime, scrolling through argumentative essays from a week ago that you promised to provide feedback for? 

Heard another student—in your actual, physical classroom—announce how much they hate reading and writing? 

I’ve been there. I’m not sure if I’ve met an English teacher who has not been there. Teaching high school English definitely comes with a unique set of challenges. But when I feel that kind of defeat setting in, as cheesy as it sounds, I think about all the reasons why I chose my content area and age group. Teaching high school English is truly the best. Here’s why. 

1. You get to shine a light on the ever-changing lexicon-of-the-youth.

Teenagers love nothing more than having their terminology stolen and dragged through the dirt by The Olds. “Oh, you like my drip? Thank

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Board Games for Teens That Are Fun and Educational

There was a time when board games were a household staple. Families would gather and play together before smartphones and video games dominated our attention. They may never be that popular again, but they are still just as valuable. We’ve put together this list of board games for teens that help them build valuable tools such as critical thinking, strategy, cooperation, and social skills.


Catan board game

Learn to build, trade, and settle with this acclaimed board game that teaches kids about using resources and protecting assets while managing settlements and cities.

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Telestrations board game

Lighthearted and fun, you don’t need serious art skills for this drawing game. Simple stick figures will be more than enough to keep kids laughing and guessing for hours. 

Buy it: Telestrations on Amazon

Not Parent Approved

Not Parent Approved, as an example of best board games for teens

Kids bored out of their minds? This wacky card game, which can be played in as little

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